How to Properly Adjust a Walker

Jay Kudronowicz

The key to a properly adjusted Walker is to allow optimal upper body leverage while facilitating proper posturing and ergonomics. The achievement of these objectives is quite simple if you adhere to a few key points.  

First make sure that you're standing at your maximum upright posture:
shoulders back
Chest out
Head up

This is important as this is the basis for exactly what you are trying to achieve - an ideal fit to an ideal posture.

With this upright posturing, relax your arms at your sides, a properly adjusted walker should have it’s handles at your wrist height (exactly at the level at which one would wear a wristwatch).  

Often after surgery or injury, patient’s are sore, fatigued, and somewhat “guarded” assuming this flexed posture.  Fitting a Walker to this “flexion” will only further facilitate this undesirable slouching.

So stand up straight and measure walker handles to the wrist at watch level and rest assured your Walker will be properly adjusted.




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