How do Funskis Work?

Funski walker glides were designed with three key thoughts in mind.

First, they had to be safe and easy to use.

We’ve accomplished that with a simple design that allows virtually anyone toFunski Walker Glide with replaceable bottom shoe easily and quickly install a Funski and to replace the bottom portion, called the “shoe” if or when it wears out.

The bottom “shoe” is made of a very durable and self-lubricating plastic called “Delrin.” Delrin is a long lasting plastic and because it’s self-lubricating, it resists getting snagged on carpet or other fabric even after you’ve used your Funski on concrete or asphalt or another rough surface. In essence, it’s durable, reduces friction and maximizes wearability.

When it does come time to replace the shoe, you simply pop out the worn shoe with a pen or pencil and pop on your replacement. Best of all, you don’t have to throw away the Funski like you do a traditional walker ski or a tennis ball. Your Funski is your Funski for years to come.

Where does safety come in? Traditional walker skis are little more than oxygen tube catchers. We recognize the fact that many Funski customers use oxygen and they all know the hazards of tubes and walker skis. We’ve virtually eliminated you having to worry about hooking onto or snagging anything with your Funski.

Second, they had to be durable.

Many Funski customers are VERY active individuals and we knew this from the start. That’s why we looked for and found and use the most durable and long lasting plastic in the manufacture of every Funski Replacement Shoe. Your confidence is our peace of mind.

Finally, they just had to be FUN!

On this end of things, you have our commitment that we’re going to continue to look for new and FUN products to offer our customers and we’re also going to stay up on the latest science. If there ever comes along an improvement on any of the components that we use to manufacture your Funski products, we’re on it!