Why Funski?

There were so many reasons to invent this great product, and here’s the most compelling.

SAFETY! We created a marriage of a low friction plastic “shoe” that greatly enhanced walker mobility and that easily attached to, and easily replaced on the decorative housing.

We also wanted it to be durable, non-marring and designed in a way that reduced snagging on oxygen tubing, electrical cords, thresholds and rugs.

Easy to Install

Funskis are very easy to put on your walker and when the bottoms has worn out you simply replace the bottom. slide them on and you are good to go, here's a 10 second video demo showing how to replace the bottoms and install on your walker.

The low friction “shoe” is designed with an indicator that tells the customer when it’s time to be replaced. We did this in order to protect the decorative housing so that it never gets damaged or worn out.

Unlike the traditional ski or tennis ball, the small “shoe” is the only part of the Funski that ever needs replacing. The low cost of “shoe” replacement rids the need to replace an entire set of walker glides, saving the customer money.

We accomplished our goal in doing all that, AND providing our customers with a fun way to express themselves with a number of appealing and collectible designs.

Built for a Marathon

Funski Walker glides were tested by our engineers at LJB Product Solutions, LLC to endure normal wear on a rough concrete surface for over 26.75 miles! (normal use on indoor surfaces will provide a significantly longer wear period).  Funski is made in America and boasts a well engineered, robust design built to last.